Friday, December 3, 2010


The drive to Jersey wasn't that bad; we barely hit any traffic. The only problem be had was actually finding the venue. We took a few wrong turns and one of the roads the directions said to take was closed off. But eventually we found it, after driving past it about 10 times!

We got checked in, received our free dvd, tee shirt, and grapplers quest coupon, and made out way to the stage to get weighed....

Before leaving I spent almost 2 hours in the sauna trying to lose those last few pounds. I hadn't eaten or drank anything since Thursday night. I was hungry, but most of all I was extremely thirsty that whole long car drive. (Actually, am I still quite thirsty now.)

.....We made our way past the 12 mats to the stage to weigh in. My weight cut off was 159.9 - I stepped on the scale, the screen was facing the staff member, ugh, he didn't say anything about my weight. He started to write my weight on my form.. I could barely read his writing so I asked and I was pleased with his answer - 159.8! YES!

Next was Andrew's turn...but where was Andrew?? I was totally done with everything and he was still at the tee shirt table! Man he can be so slow :) Finally he gets his tee shirt and then, as me and Dave watched laughing, he looked around it total confusion for the place to weigh-in! It was pretty amusing, but he finally saw us and came up to weigh in. Of course, Andrew made weight no problem, he was in the top weight class.

All good to go for tomorrow! Time to eat, but first we need to check in at the hotel..

Haha, so we got the hotel and poor Andrew had to hide in my car so we wouldn't get charged the extra $20 for an extra person. We dropped the luggage in the room and then headed to Outback (gotta keep up tradition!)

Next, it's off to get some rest before tomorrow!

I'll try to update everyone tomorrow and post picture and videos throughout the day.
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