Monday, December 6, 2010

GQ Tournament Results

Sorry it took a few days to post theses results.  I wanted to keep everyone updated throughout the day on Saturday but I didn't have any service inside the building.

Andrew did very well, placing 1st in the Teens Advanced Gi division, 2nd in the Teens Advanced No-Gi division, 2nd in the Wrestling Throw Down, and 2nd in the Judo Throw Down!  Andrew won a championship belt and a free Grappler's Quest sweatshirt for this win in the Teens Advanced Gi division.  Congrats to Andrew Babeu!

I placed 1st in the Women's Advanced No-Gi division, winning a championship belt, $50 of free merchandise, $250 cash, and best of all FREE GQ TOURNAMENTS FOR LIFE!  I also placed 2nd in the Women's Blue Belt division.  No one else registered for the women's divsion for the Judo Throw Down so I defaulted to 1st place.

Despite my loss in the gi division, my must say I am overall satisfied with the results!

Thank you to everyone who supported me and helped me get ready for this tournament!  DTJJ FTW!!!