Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I've Been Lazy...

So over the Thanksgiving holiday (Thursday - Sunday) I didn't train or workout at all! Originally I thought this was a bad thing considering I have a tournament this weekend, but now I believe I got some much needed time off.

Thursday I completely pigged out for Thanksgiving. It was a great day overall and we got to take home LOTS of leftovers :-)

Friday I stayed home all day, in my pajamas, in my bed, and did absolutely nothing that involved much effort - it felt so good! Dave and I had planned on going shopping early for all the Black Friday deals, but we didn't wake up until after 11 so we decided to just stayed home and relax. And somehow ALL of the Thanksgiving leftovers vanished that day.... 0:-)

Saturday was pretty much the same as Friday up until the evening when I dragged Dave out shopping with me. I felt sort of bad because I was kinda just browsing around with nothing in particular on my mind to buy and Dave looked totally, we headed over to the tools department of Sears! And after that we were back off to our house to relax again!

Sunday was another all-day pajama day! I slept till 1:00pm. Totally awesome. I don't even think I looked at my phone that day.

Then it was back to reality on Monday, which I didn't mind too much. Waking up at 4:15am was easier than I thought it would be. Work wasn't all that bad. Jiu-Jitsu class was good, and I rolled pretty well. I even did Super Slow before heading home, which I am extremely sore from!

After a while you can get worn out and unmotivated from being in a place sooo much, even if it is a place you love. It is good to get away from things every once-in-a-while, even if it is just away to the privacy of your bedroom. So I must say, my long, lazy weekend was quit nice!

....but now I am so ready and happy to be training again! 4 days felt like forever!

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