Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Back to Strength & Conditioning

Yesterday I did strength and conditioning training with Josh, at Manassas Ironworks, for the first time in weeks!  I haven't been very excited about PT sessions lately but I was inspired by a video Josh showed me.  It is quite amazing, and it makes you never want to complain about having it tough ever again!

I didn't really want to before we started, but once we got into it I remembered how much I actually liked it.  Yes,  I like it, actually, I think I love it!  It's always hard coming back after taking time off from something, but after the first few days back, it becomes easy again..almost like a habit.  Before yesterday I had been lifting once a week and doing cardio a couple days a week.  That's just not enough though, especially if I want to compete as often as I do!  So on top 6 days of BJJ training and 1 day of lifting, I am going to add back 2-3 days of hard core conditioning and a extra cardio on my own.

But anyway, yesterday was my first day back...I did all 10 SuperSlow machines, and 15 rounds of tabata on the rower! Ugh, talk about hard!  My body felt like jello after that, but I felt great and I was happy that I had gone through with the workout.

Later I taught the Kids BJJ class.  There were only a five kids in class! Geez!  I let one of the upper belts warm up the class and then I had them drill the Americana and the Triangle.  They all did a pretty good job :-)

Class ended at 7:00pm and Judo had been canceled, so I actually got out of the gym before 7:30!!!

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  1. Tabata on the rower? Yikes! Good for you, that sounds like a solid work out.