Monday, December 27, 2010

Post Christmas Plans

Christmas was great!  I got to spend the entire day with my family.  I got great presents, including my brand new Black Gameness Feather Gi!!! Thanks Dave :-*  This is my first black gi, which I plan on doing BJJ in tonight! My knee is feeling a lot better!  I haven't rolled in almost 2 weeks now.  I am so excited to train tonight....light rolling of course.  Hopefully it will feel fine and I'll be able to get enough training in, in order to do CopaNova on the 8th. 

January 1st, my diet starts again.  I need to be 147lbs for Pan-Ams and I don't want to have to cut any weight, or crash diet the week before to get to my weight.  So the diet and exercise start Saturday, January 1st, 2011!  I am actually pretty excited about it.

The 1st half of 2011 is going to be exciting with all the tournaments I'll be competing in!  I need to save money for travel expenses and entry fees (excluding GQ...FREE TOURNAMENTS FOR LIFE!)  Pam-Ams and Worlds are in California so those will be the two most expensive ones; the rest should be easy to finance.  I need to look for some sponsorships.....

I was thinking about asking Gameness for a sponsorship.  All I train and compete in is Gameness anyway so I am pretty much already promoting their product.  I love Gameness gis too, they fit me perfectly and I've never had any problems with encouraging others to get them would be easy too because I believe in what I would be telling people.  Gameness is the only brand we sell here at the gym and we carry every style they have...and I personally own 2 platinum, 1 elite, and 1 feather.  I think I might just have to apply for that sponsorship......I'll talk to Dave first and see what he thinks.... :-D

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  Now it's time to train!!!!!!

UPDATE:  Before class I rowed 2500 meters in 10:33....not too bad, and the knee was feeling good.  After rowing I went to class, first 5 laps of the warm-up felt good, the next 5 made my knee gradually hurt more and more.  Once we stopped running it wasn't too bad again.  I did the whole warm-up, showed arm-bars from the mount in the fundamentals class, then in the second class I drilled sweeps...I did all but the last one because it started irritating my knee again.   I decided to sit out during sparring, and hopefully I'll be good to go for tomorrow....  I really want this knee thing to get better!

I'm working overnight with Dave again tonight and I think we will finally finish getting the rest of this equipment on the floor!  Taking apart, cleaning, painting, and putting these machines back together take a lot of time!

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