Thursday, April 7, 2011

Feeling Good

So things seem to be coming together a bit.  I have started focusing more on myself and less on what is going on with everyone around me.  I am focusing on my own personal weaknesses and correcting them when I catch myself doing these things.  I have been pushing past my mental blocks and taking more risks when sparring.  It feels good.  By not putting so much pressure on myself during class it is allowing me to enjoy rolling more and I am actually preforming better!

In Judo class Tuesday I land and ippon drop seoi nage against James!  And I tried for many other throws against him, Andrew, and Victor (black belt Judo instructor).  Even though I knew there was no way I was going to be able to throw Victor I still tried, and if I got thrown in the process (which I did...a few times) that was okay because I was being offensive and aggressive.

Last night I actually surprised myself -- I did things that I thought I couldn't do.  I swept a bigger, stronger opponent from my half guard, I swept a bigger, stronger guy from deep half, I used the technique we learned in class during the guard rotation, I landed submissions.  I felt like the mental blocks were gone and I was in the zone.  I didn't want to stop training, but class had already run overtime and we were preventing the muay thai class from starting.

My confidence is starting to reach the level it should already be at.  I am feeling really good about going into these upcoming tournaments.  Grappler's Quest Beast of the East this Saturday in New Jersey, and the IBJJF New York Open next Saturday. :-D

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  1. You are one of the most technical people in the class. It was just not right when you had it in your head to let the big students use that (size) to their advantage. As one of those biggies, I can only assume you were also referring in your blog to your blowing through my guard in practice. Nice job!