Tuesday, March 22, 2011

US Grappling: Submission Only - March 19th

This past Saturday was my first ever submission only tournament.

No points.

No time limits.
Roll to the tap.

I have to admit, I was pretty nervous going into this. More nervous than I let everyone believe. I was nervous because in class and at tournaments I don't find myself finishing a lot of submissions. I am the only female in my school so most of the time when I roll I am going against someone who is larger and stronger than me and just won't try any techniques and will just sit there and defend or hold me down out of fear that they will get beat by a girl, so then I find myself having to use all my might just to execute basic techniques on these guys, let alone finish a submission.

But despite being nervous about the potential of long matches due to my lack of finishing skills, there were things that made me more relaxed too. I didn't have to worry about giving up any points or having to race against the clock to win the match. I could take my time and roll the way I wanted -- tight, controlled, heavy.

I was most nervous about my no-gi match because I don't really train without the gi very often. I am so used to getting my grips on the gi and now I have to grip a sweaty wrist!?  Once we got to the ground I felt much better - my nervousness left, and I was having fun!  I stayed in dominant position the entire time - half guard on top, side control, mount, back control - and after 12:30 minutes I finished with a rear naked choke.  I was so excited!

When the gi division rolled around I wasn't nervous one bit.  I was excited to take my time on my feet and try to get a judo throw.  This match was fast, just 2:30 minutes.  I went for a Tai-O-Toshi and landed in side control.  I tried for an Americana but she was blocking well, and then I heard my coach, Dave Trader, tell me to go for the bread cutter.  Next thing I knew, she was tapping!

Out of every tournament I've been to, this one was the most FUN!  I cannot wait for the next Submission Only in Richmond!

Check out the highlight video and photos from the event at www.mmaindc.com!

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