Thursday, February 3, 2011

Great rolls last night :-)

Class was great last night.  We drilled for an hour and 15 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of guard rotations, and 30 minutes of sparring.  I really tried to step it up last night, and I'm pretty sure it showed to all my teammates too.

One of my weaknesses is that in class I tend to accept things during rolling that would be unacceptable during competition...getting swept, mounted, or letting someone take my back.  Last night I put my head in tournament mode.  I refused to accept anything; if I did get put in a bad position I escaped.  I was heavy from the top and aggressive from my back.  I rolled hard right down to the last second of every round.  With 13 seconds left in one round I shot a triangle and almost put my teammate to sleep.  My gi was soaked completely through; it was awesome.

Thanks to everyone that rolled with me last night, and previous nights, helping me to get ready for the tournament this weekend.  I will make you all proud!

P.S.  I started dieting again - trying to get to 147 for Pan Ams and Worlds - I am down 3lbs :-D

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