Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I wish everyday could be like this!

Yesterday I got to sleep in til noon, work for two hours, and then train for the rest of the day. What a life!

Immediately after getting off worked I changed into my gi and got ready for a two hour training session with my strength and conditioning coach, Josh Wehrmann. First I gave him a hour long one-on-one BJJ lesson, followed by 30 minutes of non-stop sparring, then he put me through a grueling 30 minute personal training session!

Drilling cross mount transitions with a 400 lbs man on top of you is pretty rough, my ribs are sore and my skin raw from the grind of his shoulder pressure on my face. But can I complain? No way! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? If I can handle 400 lbs driving into my jaw now, then anyone I compete against will feel like nothing.

Rolling was great! The sweat was rolling off my face, and believe it or not, Josh was doing the same. That's right, Josh, my 400 lbs partner, rolling with a 160 lbs girl, was sweating bullets. I took the advice from my post yesterday and rolled hard, telling myself I could beat him. Did I tap him? No, but I did put him in a triangle, and dominated the positional game. Never underestimate the power of good technique!

After rolling I got a short break before starting my conditioning. I ate an apple for some extra carbs (I started dieting again and I didn't want low blood sugar to effect my training), I put my tennis shoes on, and headed to the PT room. I was asked on a scale of 1-10 how bad I wanted it....i said 9. Three six minute rounds of hell started after that. My legs were burning and my cardio was hurting. I could definitely tell that I had taken the last month and a half off from dieting and conditioning. It was rough, but I lasted, and I loved it! Then I finished it off with my dear friend, the foam roller. (And if you have ever used a foam roller before you know how bad it hurts!)

Yay, time to relax right? Wrong!

My precious, adorable, well behaved kids were waiting quietly and patiently for their instructor to arrive for Jiu-Jitsu my dreams! I walk into the room and what do I see? Six gi-less children wrestling one of the parents! Needless to say, class was interesting that night. Three more kids ended up coming during the warm up. Eventually, after a hard warm-up, they started to calm down. Drilling went well, and they were rewarded with sparring. As much as those kids drive me nuts sometimes, I gotta love them! :-)

I was supposed to do Judo class after the kids class but I was so exhausted from training with Josh that I just went home, took a shower, and watched Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths (Yes, I am a dork!) before falling asleep.


  1. Sounds like a busy week, wait I mean afternoon. Keep it up Michelle!


  3. Speaking of dorky comic book action, I'm really looking forward to the new Thor film, especially as I'm way less geeky about those comics than something like X-Men (which kinda messed up the films for me, as I was suppressing my comic nerd rage at the casting for most of the trilogy).

    Same goes for Iron Man and The Hulk, as I've barely read any of the comics from those series. Hooray for low expectations! :D